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  1. The Dallas Morning News edition on March 5th had an article about a technique that

    a John Jenkins has used and swears by when residing on a ranch. It featured the

    method of using an actual ground pit, lowering the brisket or pig or whatever, into the

    earth pit and covering it with the coals and leaving it to slow cook for 36-48 hours.

    He did not mention the heat level in the pit but I would imagine it was near 225-235

    being left on for nearly two days. When excavating the prize certainly it would be

    tender and flavorful but that too depends upon the seasonings.

    But those of us who are not as fortunate to own a ranch setting have to resolve to

    using our backyard real estate in the best manner possible - which may not be in

    digging a gaping hole. With no place to bury the specialty urban "pit tenders" must 

    try to hone their skills using a variety of cookers and contend with the negative variables

    of elements that multiply when using a cooking device that cannot compare to a 

    commercial grade "pit."

    So forge on my fellow "Pit tenders" practicing and improving your technique so you too

    can terrorize your neighborhood with the wafts of delectable smoke and aromas coming

    from your "Man Patio" or whatever type of space you are obliged to use because the

    SHE bear doesn't want you making a mess out of HER kitchen.

    Gary S   Pit Boss TX

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    Great post Gary!


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