low and slow for chicken?

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  1. I know that a lot of people like to go hot for chicken but has anyone done low and slow for chicken? does it work? Just curious.
  2. it's works but there is arguably no real benefits from cooking them low and slow, they will still be juicy and moist cooked hot and fast. The down side to low and slow for chicken is the skin won't be as crisp as hot and fast, but that can be achieved by quickly grilling it right before it's done or possibly using a torch.
  3. I like to do Cornish Hens low & slow.

    I brine them for 5 hours, rinse, pat dry & rub them, then put them on with a mixture of hickory & cherry for 4 hours at 180 degrees, then boost the temp to 300 degrees for one hour, watching the inner thigh temp and pulling them when the thigh is a bit above 165 degrees.

    Let them sit for 10-15 minutes and serve.

    I like the smoke flavor I get, and the last hour gets me the crispy skin.  I don't get as much smoke flavor doing them fast & hot.  Same process would work for larger birds, just adjust the times and cook a bit longer.

    I get a very moist bird (the brining is a key part of that), a good smoky flavor and a crisp skin.
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    All my leg quarters are done in the 220º range. Doing a low and slow gives the chicken more time to take on the smoke flavor. If I want crispy skin, I then either up the temps in the smoker, or move them to the hot gasser to finish them off.

    Heading to the hot grill

    Ready for some Carolina Yellow Mustard sauce.
  5. They look good.

    Flash, do you have a recipe for the Carolina Mustard Sauce?
  6. flash

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    Mustard Sauce ala Mullet

    The base:
    1 cup yellow mustard
    1/2 cup red wine vinegar
    1/3 cup brown sugar
    1 tablespoon of Worcestershire
    1 tablespoon lemon juice
    1 teaspoon cayenne
    heat for 10 minutes over low heat

    Here's how I customized mine. The sauce was a little thin so I added mustard until I was happy with the consistency, maybe 1/4 cup or so.
    I bumped the brown sugar a couple of tablespoons.
    I added cayenne to my taste, I'd guess at least another teaspoon, maybe more.

    Sometimes I add a little Cholula Hot Sauce to give it more heat. Great with Chicken and Pork
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  7. Thanks Flash. I can't wait to try it this week.
  8. well thank you gentleman for the advice i've been doing them at 300 the whole time but I think I'm gonna go with a low and slow this next time and see what I cant do...and that recipie looks good I think I'm gonna be tring that this week
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    Low and slow or hot and fast, if you know your smoker both ways get the job done to moist great tasting chicken. It seems like you hear more often than not people are moving to the hot and fast cook.
  10. This makes me excited for the weekend, as this will be the first time I make smoked chicken wings in my sausage smoker....it cant go hotter that 200 - 215sh degrees but I can smoke a hell ova lot wings on this sucker...

    I would like to inject it, but I fear messing the inside of my smoker with juice and stuff all over the inside...either way Im crossing my fingers they come out as delicious as all the other wing pics I have seen on here. so many of your wings look absolutely fantastic.
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    I use the chickens size as my indicator as to go low and slow or high and fast. I keep hearing folks talk about 8# chickens, well to me a 6# fryer is a monster! I tried a small turkey hot and fast and it seemed the breast although juicy was a bit tuff, but the skin was crisp! Its pretty much what you want to do. You have to cook high to get crisp skin, like 325+
  12. I was on you tube and found a couple of videos on how to do cupcake chicken and thought Id give that a try...I'm gonna try a couple of different ways I think and just see which tech I like better
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    Flash, or anyone else for that matter, is this delicious sounding sauce to be used as a dipping sauce or how is it used ?
  14. I have been looking for a sweet bbq sauce for my chicken and I think I found a real good one on here its a maple burbon sweet sauce...if anyone wants me to post that recipie even though its not mine I'd be happy to...I forgot the thread where it was originally and who posted it

     but regardless I cant wait to give it a try
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     I just put some on my plate and dredge the meat thru it a bit. Never tried brushing it on the chicken as it is cooking yet.
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    I always have done chicken low and slow.... what you can do is make sure to get plenty of rub under the skin then give the skin a "Cajun suntan" by rubbing it with olive oil and then smoke it....if it crisps up (which it should) then you are ready to go....if not its ok just take most the skin off and then your set..............no one freak, but I don't really care for the skin at all any kind of way
  17. raastros2

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    also could just smoke quarters or my fav, just the thighs!

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