LOVIN' my MES 40!

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  1. Just finished seasoning my MES 40. Our whole back patio smells of hickory now.  NICE!  I've been patiently waiting to do this because, right after I bought it, we had to go out of town for a week.  Now I want to run to the store and see what meat is on sale and get with it!


    BTW, this is the Mdl 20070710 from Academy.  ALL stainless (sides, front, top) for $300???  Not bad at all!  Needs handles and casters (like the 0810), but I figure a good dolly from Harbor Freight might fill the bill.....
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    You ever do smoking before? I did wood and charcoal. This thing surprised me. Enjoy. I am doing some cold smoked Salmon today using the A-MAZE-N, but you can get decent hot smoke results without one. Just easier. This forum is great support.
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    Enjoy our new Toy!

  4. I've done quite a bit of brisket smokin' in a cast-iron pit for many, many.....oh so many years.  Fire tending gets old in hurry when it's in the high 90's during our summers here.  So, I've been looking at these for quite a while and finally took the plunge. We're on our way now to get a pork butt to throw in there.  Can't wait! 

    PS: BTW, thanks, Todd!
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    You're gonna love that thing!!!

    Any problems---Give us a yell !!!

    Don't forget the Qview!---I love Qview from Texas !

  7. I got mine about a week ago.  I've only used it once and I was very impressed.  Just to give you an idea, I did an 8 lb pork butt starting around 5:30 am at  235 degrees.  At around 3 pm, I had it at 170 degrees and wrapped.  The mistake I made at that point was spritzing it with COLD apple juice and after 2 more hours I had to pull it at only 187 degrees.  I would still bank on around 1 1/2 hours a lb minimum though and that's if you never open the door but once to foil wrap.  Or maybe the temperature was running alot cooler than it indicated?  Good Luck and can't wait to hear your report!
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    Good luck! Looking forward to your first Q!
  9. Just got through putting a 7-lb butt in there.  Did a simple rub and am using some old apricot wine with some water in the bowl and pecan wood chips.  This'll make for a LONG afternoon.  But, hey! I get to torture the neighbors!
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    I just used my MES 40 for the first time to smoke meats yesterday, although I had seasoned it twice (once with the half chip tray and another time after I got the retrofit).  Worked like a champ.  I have to admit that I laughed when I saw the remote control, but now definitely appreciate being able to sit inside, check the temp., check the probe or adjust the temp without having to take a step outside.

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