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  1. I've been making a lot of wings this Summer on my MES 30, and I am hooked, big-time.

    I usually buy the 10 lb bag of Tyson's wing sections at Sam's. (that amount fits real nice on the 4 racks)

    I rinse em, pat em dry, and sprinkle Jeff's rub, or Pappy's garlic & herb seasoning on both sides.

    Mix Hickory and Apple chips and try to keep smoker temp around 240 for 1 1/2 hours. (the wing sections cook up much quicker than the full wings)

    Then, I just grab the racks and dump the wings on a pre-heated grill to crisp up the skin.

    I use a big spatula to turn them and move them around, which is a lot easier and quicker than trying to do each one with tongs.

    I take 4  gallon zip-loc bags and put about 4- 6 oz of my wing sauces in each. You don't need much. Too much sauce over powers the smokey flavor, IMO.

    Take the spatula and dump 1/4 of the wings in each bag. (be careful not to touch the bag with the hot spatula, or hold the bag too close to the grill!)

    work the wings around in the bag to coat them with sauce and then I pour them into a big aluminum foil tray that I have lined with 4 sections of foil.(pouches)

    fold the foil over and put back on low heat on the grill to let the sauces absorb a bit.

    Then, serve as needed to your clan!

    They are outstanding!

    The 4 sauces I use are:

    -Sweet Baby Ray's original BBQ sauce

    -Sweet Caribbean Jerk Screamin Wing Sauce

    -Buffalo Blue Cheese Screamin Wing Sauce

    -Most wanted Teri-YAH-ki Wing Sauce

    The last 3 I get on-line through Original Juan's.

    The Teryiyaki is the best I have ever had, and we also use it on grilled Ahi Tuna.

    The Buffalo is just the right heat, and has little bits of bleu cheese in it.

    The Caribbean Jerk has a little kick, but also a good pineapple flavor.

    They also have great salsa. The Jamaican Pineapple is our favorite!

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      Those are all sounding good! Please send samples!

  3. Give me your fax number and I'll send them right over.
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    Sounds good ...BUT...[​IMG]...JJ 

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