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    So I have a 10 pound pork belly and was going to make 10 pounds of bacon, obviously. Well I decided to try something else with the pork belly to see that we could make happen. I decided to just throw a 3 pound chunk of it in the oven and see what happens, seasoned of course. Here is the beginning to end process, well without the end because I'm not bakin it until tomorrow.

    As you can see thy is a 3 pound hunk of greatness ready to be tooled by a craftsman of the meaty arts, or in this case a bored redneck with a day off.

    I decided to just make a simple garlic pepper paste for this. I took 4 heads of garlic, split them in half, drizzled olive oil on them and wrapped them up in foil. Then you just throw them in the oven at 450 for 25 minutes. When they come out you just squeeze them out of the husk, add a little kosher salt and boom. Well I took it a step or two further. I added a tablespoon of pepper and half a cup of olive oil and puréed that mutha sucka. The oil separates from the purée pretty rapidly and honestly it's too runny for my likeness. I took a paper towel and set it over a cup and strained that stuff. It would have probably worked better with a coffee filter but hey I don't drink coffee.

    After making the purée it was time to season that sucker. I scored it on a diagonal both ways for reasons unknown, I think I did it because it looks cool really. Then I just took my strained purée and rubbed the ol girl down until she was greasy and stinkin. Now she's sitting in a roasting pan in the fridge just wanting to get hot and juicy tomorrow. I'll keep you all updated!
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    MM, Looks tasty so far !
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