looks like stores are starting to stock for the spring /summer season

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jsdspif, Feb 25, 2014.

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    I hadn't checked my local Meijer store in a few weeks but yesterday I found they have got quite a bit of their spring grilling type stuff stocked . The thing that caught my eye , and I think iit's new , were some new types of Western wood chips . They had peach wood chips and orange wood chips , which I had never seen before . I bought a bag of the peach . I didn't pay any attention to the chunks , because I use only the chips . They also had some sort of steamer thing for "any " heat source , kind of like a pressure cooker type apparatus . It looked as though thye top latched and somehow steam could escape , not exactly a pressure cooker , I guess it's premise was to cook items with steam . There was a larger size and a smaller jr. model , but I forgot the name of the thing .

       I guess the next time you go to whatever store that you normally get accessories at , walk on over to the grilling / smoking department and check out the new stuff . I imagine all the stores are either starting to stock this years merchandise or just about to .
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    Western brand wood chips and chunks are pretty common in my local Home Depot and Lowe's, some of the large Sporting Goods stores will carry them as well. Some wood types sell out faster than others-pecan never lasts more that a day or two before they are all sold.

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