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  1. After talking to a couple friends, and researching Yoders and such. I am going to buy a BGE. I smoke a lot of ribs and love brisket, pulled pork. Was looking at an XL. A friend with an XL suggested the large. Little worried about the smallish grill space on that. But I will be adding a second if I like the first. Price is huge. $525 difference with the toys to go with them. Essential toys..... Kind of like the Harley Marketing.... Lol.... Anyway it is just my wife and I. But I do large cooks at times. Did some searches and it seems to be a toss up. Any input from you on here? I know a brisket will fit on the large. But also feel it is nice to have some free space around it while smoking.
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    If I may, I have two close friends who use the Yoder and are extremely satisfied with it.  One moved up from a very dissatisfied experience with the Treager and constantly tells me that I should move out of the darkside (WSM) to the Yoder.  I can only see one drawback with the Yoder and it is not very portable.  But then, that is also true of the large BGE (my BIL and his daughter have that version).
  3. Ok, went for the large and ended up with the extra large
  4. Get some sort of place setter (usually a woo and spider combo with a quality pizza stone) and a chimney vent (instead of using the included top) and that's all you need. There is a good user community on Facebook of all places if you search Big Green Egg BBQers
  5. I did get the pizza stone, plate setter, I'll look for a vent....
  6. The only vent cap I could find was the smokeware one... Is this a decent cap? Did some searches and seems to be ok now they fixed the gasket problem.
  7. I am doing my first cook with the smoke ware cap tonight ... i didn't use the gasket that came with it because my egg was bought assembled with the gasket on the top already. Will let you know.
  8. I have a large Egg .I also have the smokeware cap . The gasket on the chimney of my egg was the old style felt gasket . lasted about three cooks before it started falling off . I put the Nomex gasket that came with the Smokeware cap on the inside of the cap near the top by the vent openings . Works great . When shutting down I remove Smokeware and put on rain cap. Smokeware will gum up and you will need to clean it so it moves freely ,still a real nice accessory . Check out the Green Egg ash pan . Has a lip that hooks on to lower vent slide channel and combined with ash rake makes clean up a breeze if you have a table and don't want a mess on your lower shelf . 

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