Looking into a Smokin-It Model 3, need advice

Discussion in 'Smokin-It Owners' started by kevin james, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. kevin james

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    Hi everyone! So I cheated.... joined the group but I don't own one yet. I'm looking into a model 3 and I thought this would be the best place to get my questions answered. 

    I started a thread in the electric smokers section yesterday and this section was pointed out to me. Old thread: 


    I live in an apartment and the amount of smoke coming out of the vent is a concern for me. With my MES/AMNPS combo if I had to I could pull the AMNPS out, pour some water on it and its out... no problems. I understand the AMNPS will not work in the SI units do to limited airflow. I also understand people have been known to have flair-ups when opening the door. I'm hoping the smoke level is not enough to cause me problems, but if I had to pull the box out to calm it down, could I? Or am I really risking a flair up?

    Also because of my concern over to much smoke coming out the vent I would probably only use half the recomended wood at least until I get comfortable with things. If I needed to add more (say  afew hours in) could I easily add more?

    Believe me, I understand that ideally you want to add your wood, close her up and don't open the door till its done, but that just may not always be possible with my situation. 

    Any thoughts or advice? I'd really love to pickup a model 3, but it's a lot of money to take a risk on having issues.


  2. If you're worried about the amount of smoke coming out of the smoker, opening the door would be the worst thing that you can do. :biggrin:
    Partially covering the exhaust hole with a quarter will cut down on the smoke.

    Adding wood can be done, but it's a pain.

  3. kevin james

    kevin james Smoke Blower

    Thanks Martin. Ok that makes sense, cover the whole should starve oxygen and lower the smoke. Got it.

    As a follow up question, does the smoke stay pretty even over the course of your cook, or does it start out stronger and taper off after a few hours? I usually start my smokes about 5:30 to 6AM  and I'm not really worried about smoke levels much until 10AM or sometimes 11AM -12PM when neighbors are more active. From say 6AM to 10AM most of my neighbors don't seem to be very active (still sleeping???? lol). If the smoke level tapers off after 4 hours or so with a full load then maybe it won't be a problem. If it doesn't taper then I'm not sure.

    I have a question about the hight of the SI3 sitting on the cart too. The sight shows the smoker is just under 30", and the picture of the smoker with the cart looks like the cart is actually taller than the smoker itself. Another post I read somewhere mentioned that the total height of te smoker sitting on the cart was only 42" tall. Something doesn't seem right there. Is it really only 42", or is that a mistake?
  4. The smoke will taper off....shouldn't be much smoke after the first few hours if you use the recommended amount of wood or less.

    I have the #1 and the #4....I use the A-Maze-N smokers most of the time, but I don't want to tell you that It'll work well in the #3 because I don't know for sure.

    I think the height is probably correct since the wheels are taken off the smoker when it's put on the cart.


  5. kevin james

    kevin james Smoke Blower

    OK, so the cart is only about 12" tall then??? Because the site says the 29 1/4" smoker height does not include the casters (which as you say would not be installed when put on the cart). So basically 30 + 12 inches = 42".

    The picture makes the cart look much taller then that. It actually looks as tall or taller than the smoker itself. very confused by that lol.
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