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  1. Hi, I live in the coastal mountain range of southern british columbia. I am a butcher and a hunter so i spend a lot of my fall smoking meat and fish that I shoot/catch. I make lots of deer and bear jerky and smoked salmon as well as the odd set of beef ribs. From the forums i have read so far (i've only read a couple) I see that there is a wide variety of users on this site. I do a lot of game cutting and many people want peperoni and things like garlic coil or smokies prepared for them. Currently I do not provide this service because i don't know enough about curing sausage properly and the steaming methods although i do know quite a bit about fresh sausage. If anyone can help me find good instructions on smoked sausage methods it would help me greatly.
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    There are a lot of great sausage makers here...bet they would be glad to answer any questions.
    Also welcome to the forum.[​IMG]
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    Welcome! And I'll second rich's suggestion about Rytek's book. It is one of the finest available. To do sausage commercially will involve a bit of work and expense, but can be done. Don't know what rules and regulations you have to abide by where you live, might wan't to check into that as well. It is a very enjoyable area of smoking meats I think!
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    Welcome to the smf.........Glad to have you here.......Lots of great info on sausage here just read the posts..........
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    Welcome to the SMF, always glad to have another hunter in the crowd. I'm looking forward to your posts.
  7. I'll 3rd Rich's suggestion. There is a TON of information in that book. [​IMG]
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    i two have this book it is the bible but here's alink for some free info
    http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/pubs/yf/foods/he176w.htm and some recipe's what about deejay website ill see if i can find it again she used to have alot of good recipes if somone has it handy chime in
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    I'm with richtee on this one Great book with lots of info and recipes.
    and hi every body I've been away for awhile........ just got back from Australia and had my eyes lasered so I won't be on for long periods til my eyes heal.
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    Welcome to the SMF!!

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