Looking for Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Sausage Recipe - Help!!!

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  1. Sup Ya'll!

    The wife has been asking me to stock the freezer again with some more sausages, although I want to try a new recipe.  Does anyone have a Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Fresh Sausage recipe?  Cougar78 posted a while back this one with chicken, although I want to use pork...would that still work?


    I've made tried making the chicken sausages before and my wife and I just can't get past the texture.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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  3. Well then that's the plan Boykjo!  I know you're an expert on sausages so your advice is definitely warranted.  I guess my biggest concern was on the spice amounts since I feel pork's flavor is stronger than chicken and don't want to under season.


  4. I have a recipe in this thread for sun dried tomato apple chicken sausage  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/...cks-sun-dried-tomato-apple-chicken-sausage/80
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    Its better to under season than to over season . IMHO pork is not a stronger flavor, just a different flavor.......pork sausage is pretty bland if you dont add any seasonings or salt........
  6. Sun-Dried Tomato Sausage

    5-lbs ground pork
    3/4-lbs whole milk mozzarella, cut into ¼” cubes
    1-bunch Italian parsley, finely chopped
    6 ½-oz sun-dried tomatoes in oil, coarsely chopped
    1-tbsp dried basil
    1-tbsp fennel seed
    1-tbsp coarse black pepper
    4-tsp salt
    1-tsp oregano
    1-tbsp ground coriander
    ¾-cup dry white wine

    Mix all seasonings together with wine
    Mix the seasonings with the ground meat and cheese
    Stuff into casings

    I got this from the spicy sausage site after doing a web search, using the thread starter title, and adding the word 'Pork' before sausage.

    After re-reading this, pork was wrong, I searched everywhere for one using chicken and and I could not find one, but I did find this

    Chicken & Sun-Dried Tomato Sausage

    5lb-boneless chicken thighs with skin
    12-oz onions, peeled and quartered
    7-oz sun-dried tomatoes, soaked in hot water to soften (15 minutes), then drained
    2-tbsp coriander seed
    2-tbsp fennel seed
    2-tbsp rosemary
    2-tbsp oregano
    1-tbsp celery seed
    1-tbsp thyme
    1-tbsp Kosher salt

    Grind the chicken and skins through a 1/4inch plate
    Grind the sun-dried tomatoes and onions
    Mix all into a large bowl with seasonings along with the spices and salt
    Stuff into hog casings



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