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  1. My sister in law ask me if I could smoke a brisket for our christmass get togather . Well I would need a lot of brisket . Is there another piece of beef I could use that would tast as good in the smoker but not break the bank . Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated . Thanks
  2. Define "a lot"
    Around here select or even choice brisket is as cheap or cheaper than most other cuts.
  3. Around 30 pounds the last brisket I bought was 25 lbs and after I trimmed the fat I prob didn't have 5 lbs of meat .
  4. I would just pick up a case of flats at Sam's. Not much waste flats and you should have extras that you can cook later or cook and freeze for later use. I think it runs just over $3 a pound around here
  5. I'll look into that thanks for the info . Where do you live . I'm in northern ohio
  6. South Central Kansas
  7. Well I went to the meat market where I got my meat and picked up 2 17 lbs briskest thay ran 43 bucks a piece we will see how thay turn out .

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