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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by bob isbell, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. I recently acquired a 2 stainless steel tank grill that was built by Tallahassee Tool & Die (out of biz now). It was owned and used by a previous Clerk of Court/Commissioner here on the Space Coast some 10-15 years back at parties he threw prior to election time.

    Anyway, the tanks are side by side and cut in half. Originally the lids were part of a crank up system that used pulleys and cables to lift the top halves of the tanks independently of each other. Somewhere along the way that was removed and some half-ass car-jack lifting rig was put in its place. I want that incredibly dangerous part GONE and would love to either restore the crank up system or hinge the lids and/or maybe place the tanks end to end and re-trailer them eventually making one of them a wood burning smoker while leaving the other a bbq grill using charcoal.

    (These pics are hosted on my own photobucket account, I was not sure how or if I could upload them to this forum)


    The rods at the center of the end of the tanks are original and guide for the lids as they raised up. At bottom center of each tank below the fire door is the hand crank on a steel pole that runs the length of the tank that was used to crank each lid up and down. There is NO sign of how the cables were attached to the crank or how the cable ran up to whatever pulley system was used. I have looked around the internet for both the company that built it and pics of their grills as well as any pics uploaded of the grill in action at the election parties but I have had no luck.

    I am looking for any suggestions or ideas.

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  2. Wow, over a week and not a single suggestion.
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    Hey Bob.. I saw you post last week and Sorry I didnt reply sooner...... The cooker is huge and it can be brought back to life.....  It looks like it is a home built rig so you we will need to know more to get it back to making some good Q........ I see pics of the outside but would like to see whats inside...... I have a smoker like that  and it has a pipe burner and I use the AMNTS to give it smoke..... You have an awesome find.....[​IMG] Shoot some more pics of the inside and lets see what we can do for ya......

  4. Not a home built, It was built by a company in Tallahassee Florida that as far as I can tell is long out of business. It was supposed to be pretty sweet in its day and was well used. The original cable and pully system used to lift the lids is gone. The "accident waiting to happen" jack system that was placed on top to open it up doesn't work so getting the lids up right now is almost impossible. I may try to winch them up using a large tree branch I have out back tomorrow to get more pics. When I look in through the small doors at the rear of each tank, it appears to be just a wire rack on bottom to hold charcoal or wood and a rack above to hold the meat. Once I get the lids lifted and something placed in to support them, I'l post the pics back on this thread. Thanks for the reply Joe.
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    If it was me I'd look for an electric wench and accessories web site. Looks like if you put the wench in the middle of the two cookers at the bottom and attach the cable up through that crossbar they have running between the two don't see why it wouldn't work.
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    I dont like the hand crank Idea to open the smokers.... Something could go wrong and someone can get hurt... I like your idea about seperating the tanks and re trailering them.......
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    I agree with boykjo, by separating the tanks and retrailering then you could add counterweights to the doors and make it a heckuvalot safer.

    I also noticed that the wheels are under the trailer and seem kinda small to me...if you had a blowout the Cooker is going to smack the roadway or roll over...

    you could also put a offset firebox on it and incorporate it into the new trailer....

    Worst case is you break it down and sell one side to get funds to build the trailer for the side you are going to keep.

    Just my $0.02.

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