looking for some tips for loin and briskets

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  1. I am going to be smoking 2 briskets and a 7-8 lb pork loin this weekend and looking for some tips to make people crave more and more of the smokey goodness. I have smoked pork butts and tri tips but never either of these. Some of the people that had these others asked me to smoke this for them for the a small party this weekend. Just looking for any pointers that have worked well in your past smokes. Pictures will follow after thiss weekend. Brines, wood flavors and so on?
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    I usually don't brine on either one.  The loin is very lean and prone to drying.  My answer? Drape some bacon over the top to "self-baste."  You can let that whole thing sit on the rack above your briskets to baste them a bit as well.  Salt, pepper, brown sugar, and a little heat if you like.  Another great idea I've seen here on SMF is the stuffed loin (just give it a search).  I have yet to do one of these, but man, it looks great!  I would pull the loin at 165* and rest for 0.5-1 hour before slicing and serving.

    I generally keep things pretty simple: salt, pepper & smoke on my briskets.  We prefer them pulled, so I smoke them at 225* to an Internal Temp of 165*.  Then I foil and continue at 225* until the brisket hits 200*.  If you prefer sliced, then pull it at 190*.  Either way, keep it wrapped in foil and place it in a cooler wrapped in towels for at least an hour before slicing or pulling.

    Pork can take just about any hardwood smoke, but I prefer to take it a little easy with briskets: fruit or nut wood.  Of course, that is strictly personal preference.

    Have a great smoke!
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    Sounds like James has you covered. I would make one suggestion on the loin. I would pull it out at 140. Wrap it in foil & let it rest on the counter for about 1/2 hour, or until the IT gets to 145. Then slice & enjoy! The new rules for pork are 145 & it's done. If you let it go higher, it tends to dry out pork loin. If you stuff the loin then you must take it to 160 IT.
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    enough said  
  5. Sounds great thanks for the tips I will be sure to post pics.
  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Everything was good when it was time to eat there wasnt a word spoken everyone was loving the smokey goodness.
  7. I tried to show some pics but it wouldnt let me because I am too new.
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    Looks good!
  9. Nevermind I guess they did go through
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    Congrats on a great result!  [​IMG]

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