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    Hey recipe crew!

    My first post over here, but hopefully it'll be worth it!

    I'm looking to develop a sweet rub, that isn't totally brown sugar or sugar based, to go on some pulled pork.  Since I know the rub won't make the meat too sweet, I'm also looking for some sauce recipes.

    The sauce I'd like to try to make, which I don't know portions, would have cherries that are cooked down with sugar or brown sugar (I have a cherry tree and have them already harvested and pitted - I'm assuming if I cook the cherries down with sugar, I'll get a nice syrupy mixture to start), splash of bourbon, obviously some ketchup and mustard, maybe some worcestershire, maybe a bit of cayenne (just a bit, not much), but I'm not sure what else.

    Any suggestions or recipes that I can review?

  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Not much on sugar free , but I use my Rub(a good Southwest flavor) on my ribs and about 30min. before I pull , I sprinkle 1 individual serving package of Turbinato Sugar on each one. It glazes nice and not too sweet.

    Here's a shot:                     

    Hope this helps and . . .
  3. heyer5

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    Thanks for the input!  Those ribs do look pretty darn good!

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