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  1. Came across this persons Site last night when searching Web about RF Builds. He took a Char Broil Offset Smoker and turned it into a RF smoker. By adding a RF plate and blocked half of the opening from the FB to the CC. He also moved the the smoke stack from one side to the fire box side.  He said it works pretty good and pretty even temp. Other things he did was he turned the FB to be used on Propane witch I would of kept Charcoal and Wood. I was many thinking of doing one of these. As my first build. Suggestions?   thought it would be a fun project to do during the winter in my ahead. Sense I don't have a welder at home and all the tools to do a custom one. 
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  3. Thanks Dave. You seem to have all the answers [​IMG]   must be a Professional 
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    Dave is a good guy he will help where ever he can
  5. Yes he is. Just about ever post I read he has very useful. And great info. I'm fairly new to this and taking in everything I read from him. 

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