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  1. My name is Charles W Fetterhoff, was raised in Lykens Pa until I graduated high school in 1966 at which time I moved to Indiana, have been looking for Lykens Ring Bologna ever since! I'm retired from Lances Grocery Store with 25 years experience, I'm married 43 years and have a great son and daughter. If any of the members can tell me where to find and order some Lykens Ring Bologna or any recipes you might send me as I don't have a printer to print out or any kind of leads WO LD be grate full appreciated. My address is 114 East South F Street, Gas City, Indiana, 46933! Thanks if you can help as we have quite a few relatives around here who want to find and order some or get the recipe and given to my butcher, GOD BLESS YOU ALL:)
  2. Thanks so much for your help, I'll copy it off and see if my brothers butcher can make it:) You all have a blessed day!!

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