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Discussion in 'Pork' started by walla73, May 1, 2015.

  1. Thanks for your response in advance.

    Doing four almost 7lbs butts for the fight tomorrow night. Eating around 7:30.

    Here's the question. What time should I start? Thinking around 5am. 7lb butt should take 10-14 hours. The MES 30 has a capacity of 25lbs. Has anyone gone over that? If I do use one, would it take much longer to get to 140 in 4 with that amount of cold meat? I'm going to borrow another MES 30 in case I need both. Both running mailbox mod APS's.

    Going to sand a foil pan and planned on heating a hour in advance to get the MES nice and warm to handle the cold load at the start.
  2. I'd figure 16-18 hours for the cook and add a couple more just to be safe. Crank your mes as high as it can go then put the meat in and adjust accordingly. Your temp is gonna drop a bunch and take quite some time to recover. If it was me I'd run it hot and try and get done sooner for the whole cook. Pulled pork keeps for hours, if you wrap it and throw it in the cooler. Better to be done early than having to order pizza.

    Personally I do all my long cooks a day or two ahead and reheat. That way I can enjoy the party.

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