Looking for some advice on multi purpose Pellet/Gas/Charcoal build

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  1. Hello all. I have a couple projects going on here

    First I am converting a Crescor Warming cabinet to a giant pellet smoker with a pellet pro hopper from smoke daddy. This thing will hold a ton of meat when it is done.

    Now I am always unable to leave well enough alone so I get to thinking to myself "Self why not adapt your Chargriller gas grill and make it so you can slide that pellet hopper in the side of it and smoke a small item when you don't need the full cabinet" Wow that is a great idea in my mind. I have that little chargriller for the occasions I want to do quick burgers or hots or something. I like a 5 minute and cook, type grill on occasion. So I think about it a bit more and then it hits me "man it is gonna be a pain to pull the gas tubes out to keep them from getting all gummed up when you smoke with it. Hey Why not get a Chargriller duo and make the charcoal side a pellet grill with that hopper. Then you can slide the hopper out and put it in the cabinet." Yeah best of both worlds. 

    So What do you guys think? The end result would be

    Full size Stainless cabinet smoker with Pellet Pro Hopper

    Chargriller Duo for gas grill and then modified Charcoal grill to slide the Pellet Pro into when I want to do smaller items.

     Also for the record I keep my Grills and smokers in a nice shed in Colorado. They still look as new as the day I bought them (barring some grease and seasoning of course) So I don't worry much about the chargriller rotting out.
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