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  1. Hi everyone.  I am sure this question has been asked a million times but here is a million and one. 

    I am new to smoking and really grilling with charcoal.  I am looking to get a smoker to make beef jerky and baby back ribs on and I would like to be able to cook with wood and/or charcoal.  I don't want to spend over a thousand dollars on one.  I want one that is a good quality and that I could use in the cold Wisconsin winters.

    Thanks for your help!  [​IMG]
  2. Greetings from the UK Clark!

    I'm also just starting out with smoking food - with a mere 2 briskets, 1 boston butt, and some chicken legs and fish under my belt.

    I bought a Weber Smokey Mountain 18inch smoker which burns charcoal, and I can't recommend it enough!

    It's capable of holding a fair amount of produce on the 2 grid layers, and smokes for at least 8 hrs on 1 basket of charcoal.

    I'm sure there are others that are good also, and this is just my take.

    Good luck and happy smoking!

  3. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the reply. Can you use wood in this smoker? I am looking for a good hickory smoke taste.

  4. I'm fairly certain it's made for charcoal as the main heat source, with the addition of wood chunks within the burning charcoal to get your woodsmoke flavour.

    That's how I use it anyway.
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  5. Hi Clark, IM near you in the LAND OF LINCOLN and I can give you a few smokers to check out. The first is the Lang 36" patio smoker, this unit is the last one you would ever buy, built out of 1/4 inch cold rolled steel it is a reverse heat smoker and runs around $1,000.00 You can go to Lang BBQ.com click on the 36" patio and Ben Lang will walk you through this amazing unit. If you don't want to 2nd mortgage the house I just bought a Brinkman Limited Addition smoker at Home Depot. It is heavy duty and made fairly well, with some mods you can have a great offset smoker . I'm cuing a pork tenderloin, and beef brisket this weekend ,we will see the outcome!! The brinkman is $299.00 at the big orange store, if you are a vet you get 10% off!!!! I will post some pics of my new hot rod soon!

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