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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Last year for Christmas I smoked my first turkey and it was great. At that time Ricky Lee posted what sounded like a really tasty recipe for a Turkey injection and glaze, Ricky's description was a bit general and now I would like to try it, but hope to get a more specific recipe. Where is Ricky Lee when you need him? In fact it seems that Ricky has not posted since last December, and there was a post for selling his Lang smoker. Is Ricky no longer smoking? Can anyone shed some light on this mystery.

    Here is the basic description of Ricky's recipe: "I inject the bird with mango nectar, bitter orange, Jamaican habenero sauce, coco nut milk, brown sugar and butter. and then cover it in a glaze made of orange marmelade, butter, brown sugar, habenero sauce, pineapple preserves and coconut cream". Has anyone else tried this recipe and is willing to share?


    Chicago Bob

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  2. hi Bear,

    Thanks for the reply, the link you gave me takes me to Ricky Lee's original post and there is a description of the ingredients he used for his Turkey, however I was hoping to get a more complete recipe. If I can't I guess I will just experiment a bit, maybe on a chicken before thanksgiving.

    Chicago Bob

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