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  1. My family and I are about to embark on a 10 day vacation that will include stops in Lexington, KY and Gatlinburg, TN. Since I joined the SMF, I haven't gone a week without something smoked. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to get some good BBQ in either of these places? I know this site is for smoking your own stuff, but you folks are the experts here, and I figure if you recommend it, it must be good! I am really looking for the "off the beaten path" kind of place where the wife, kids and I can get our grub on.

    As always, any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    I don't know if sonny bbq is down there,, but if it is, DO NOT GO THERE, you will be able to find plenty of good joints, just ask around or grab the phone book.

    I would just stop at a garage or something and ask someone that works there.
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    This is great :lol:

    While I have no actual suggestions, I think it's awesome that you're worried about going through smoked food withdrawals! Nice...

    BTW... is there a medical name for this?[​IMG]
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    Just a layman's description "Dammit! I want some Q!"
  6. Thanks everyone. I figured I would ask one of the locals where they eat, but also figured asking the experts would help as well.

    Oh, by the way:

  7. Try Bennett's BBQ. There is one in Gatlinburg (on the opposite side of the road from convention center) and one in Pigeon Forge (on the southbound side of Parkway).


    I used to get their ribs during to tourist "off season" as you could buy one dinner, get one free. Not often you can get two full racks of ribs and all the fixings for $20. And they were very very good.

    Now I fix my own. [​IMG]

    Plus I am now 600 miles away.

    Good thing you have 10 days....it will take you 3 of those to fight the traffic.

    Word of advice....if you are coming in by I40 down Highway 66 South to PF/Gatlinburg, try to arrange it where you come in on a Thursday and whatever you do....do NOT leave on Sunday. You will be in a 15 mile traffic jam. It may be different with gas prices and general economy but we moved away at the end of May mainly due to traffic.

    Once you get there you will have a blast....but just be patient while driving.
  8. Thanks luv2, that's great info. We will actually be moving from Lexington to Gatlinburg on Tuesday of next week. I knew someone from here would be able to help me.

    We are coming down from Southwest Michigan. Gonna make the 400+ mile haul from here to Lex on Saturday, spend 2 days doing horse related stuff, then on to Gatlinburg. Maybe 3 days there, then swing by Mammoth Cave on the return trip.

    I really hate eating out, not only because of the cost, but you just can't beat a home cooked (smoked) meal.
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    On your way down I75 if you need a quick fix in either Dayton or Cincinnati...I highly recommend Burbanks...a local radio celeb (Gary Burbank 700WLW) owns the joint and its pretty good stuff. I used to live in Cinci and work in Dayton and ate lunch there once a week, at least.


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