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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by burlesonbill, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Howdy! I just bought an Oklahoma Joe's Highland horizontal offset smoker and need a cover. Already trawled eBay and found two possibilities:

    1) A cover actually made for Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn model, bigger than the Highland, but has the correct overhand and chimney cover, comments say it may be slightly large for my Highland but its a great cover, ballpark $45-50; and

    2) A cover made for the Brinkman Trailmaster horizontal, looks like the same smoker with a different badge, but the dimensions are a bit different from both the Highland and the Longhorn, also well rated, ballpark $30-35.

    So, anyone out there been down this path before? Have any suggestions? I definitely want to go with a good fitted-style cover with chimney provision instead of a generic $25 cheapo from Wally World or similar. So far these are the only two that I've found that fit the majority of my requirements, is there another brand name I should be searching for?

    Bill Mac in Tejas

    aka "burlesonbill"
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    Looks like this one is made for it. $38 bucks.

  3. BD - I found the same thing early this AM, at both Amazon and direct from Char Broil.com, and found it in stock at my local Lowe's. They want $2 more for it, but it's in stock and I'm picking it up today. Since Amazon charges TX sales tax (warehouse in Houston) and they want a week for their free shipping, I consider it a wash for the convenience. Appreciate the find and referral. What part of the MetroMess are you in? I'm in Burleson, just south of Ft. Worth off 35W.

    Bill Mac in Tejas

    aka "burlesonbill"
  4. This is an option, going to cost more but I have heard great things about these covers.  I haven't used them yet but thinking about going here for my next cover vs. replacing the manufacturer's Chinese made cover.

  5. OK, made it up to Lowe's this evening. The Oklahoma Joe's cover is pretty darned good, IMHO. I got one of the guys to open a box for me and compared it to the El-Cheapo's and to some of the brand name covers. Nice medium-heavy weight, well made with heavy duty seams. I went ahead and bought it for $39 plus tax. They told me if it didn't fit "right" or I just didn't like it, then just bring it back.

    Got it home and on the smoker and it ain't going back! It was made for the Longhorn model, so it is a little long (about 7"), but it's long on the firebox end, the chimney fits perfect in it's little sleeve. It's also a bit wide since the Longhorn is a significantly wider smoker, but this does fit well over the front shelf on the Highland, since with the shelf the Highland is only about 2-3" narrower. The height is almost the same, about a 2" difference. All-in-all I'm pleased. The Wife thinks she might be able to take a "tuck" or two in it and make it fit a little better, but I'm pleased with it as is. Hope this helps anyone else looking for a cover for the Oklahoma Joe's Highland, or the Longhorn.

    For what it's worth: I now have an Academy El-Cheapo on my Hondo Jr., A Kingsford branded fitted cover on my Kingsford 24" grill, and now this cover on my new Highland. The Highland cover is clearly superior to either of the others and well worth the price. Heck, the Kingsford branded cover cost me around $30 and this one is noticeably better and heavier.

    Bill Mac in Tejas

    aka "burlesonbill"

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