Looking for good deal on sealer bags

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  1. Anyone know who has the best deal going right now on foodsaver bags? I could not find the thread that was about some bags that were just as good as the foodsaver brand but cheaper. I am actually looking more for the rolls than the bags.
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  3. Thanks, thats the one I was trying to find. Seemed like they had some good deals, I just could not remember the name. I will bookmark this time.
  4. I do not have a web site, but I have a phone number, they are out of Monticello MN. 3.5 mil large rolls

  5. Sorry 612-964-6837
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  8. I haven't found the monthly code for the discount yet, but I've got to try these. Thanks for the info
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    Its 10MARCH2012
  10. Thanks everyone. I will check these out.
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    I've switched to these bags... 1/2 the $ and I think better than FS... Dave

  12. Thank you!
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