Looking for Butcher in Orange County for dry aged meat

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  1. anyone know of a good butcher/meat purveyor that can dry age meats for you in the OC area?

    I want to try it at home, but maybe some things are left up to the professionals.:biggrin:

    dry age steak is my favorite.

    Has anyone tried this place in Costa Mesa, The Meat House? It seems to fit the bill, but a bit on the pricey side.


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  2. It's really good. Only been once as I am up in the South Bay. Good quality
  3. thanks hebby! I stopped by the place over the weekend. I asked where they get their meat from and how long they aged it. I was told they get all their meat from Newportmeat.com. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't do anything in-house. The sausages weren't homemade by them either. =( It was also a bit pricey, what do you usually buy there?
  4. thanks mots! it looks like a cool butcher shop, maybe just in time for a Prime Rib Roast for thanksgiving! =)

    what do you usually get there?
  5. Jason, sorry it took so long to get back to you.

    Did you ever get by the butcher shop?

    I used to go there when I was living in Huntington Beach, many years ago. It was close to my house.

    My favorite meats were the prime rib and rib eys. My dad loved there porterhouse.

    Keep in touch man, Gary
  6. I've been to both places and they have great cuts, but not sure if they dry age anything themselves and the cost is too much.  I also love dry aged beef and as a result I just dry age my stuff at home myself using the drybagsteak.com bags and my spare garage fridge.  I've done 3 primal cuts so far and all came out great.  The first was only for 26 days and I could tell the difference, but the next was 48 days and wow it was amazing.  There are a few posts here on how a guy converted a keg fridge to a dedicated dry age box, but I just use an old dedicated fridge and it works fine. 

    I typically buy choice primal cuts from either costco or restaurant depot when I can find a good sale and just vacuum pack the extra meat and store in the freezer.
  7. hi gary! did you make a prime rib roast for thanksgiving? =) I never made it to the HB beach area, so I still haven't gone to that butcher. I'll drop by when I'm in that neck of the woods. I'll probably just stick with online and Costco, I can trust their cuts. my favorite place is Pat LaFrieda, here are some cuts I had delivered for turkey day:

  8. I'm still a bit wary and skeptical of home dry aging. how do you manage to control the humidity and temperature in your fridge? do you place them on top of a cooling rack for air flow? how much loss do you get with the aging, do you have to shave a lot off afterwards?

    I wanted to get an old wine fridge and convert it to a dry aging fridge, but I'm not sure of the feasibility. I wish they were just small home commercial dry age fridges for cheap. =)

    which primal cuts do you usually pick, I assume the fattier ones?
  9. Here are a couple of topics on home dry aging feel free to read up on some threads here already covering all your questions and post in those for feedback.  I can get sub-primal cuts for around $4.00 a lb at restaurant depot and dry age at home or pay $24.00 a lb for the same cut that someone else dry ages.  Not a hard decision for me.



  10. $4 a lb is good deal! are the cuts select, choice, or prime?

    hmmm..it looks like for dry aging, the meat need to come from a butcher or place where they hang it instead of from the retail stores where everything is cryovaced and wet aged.

    Thanks for the info, I'd have to try it some time to see how it turns out the flavor!
  11. iebbqman

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    Check this unit out.  I have one on order but two of my fellow smokers are using them like crazy.  Had some of their beef and it was amazing.


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