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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by neens, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. neens

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    I have been smoking on an ECB using lump charcoal and want to move up to a wood smoker. I’m not sure which of the ones I been looking at to go with. During the summer I smoke about 3-4 times a month for around 10-15 people, more around the holidays. The main two I been looking at is the Lang model 48(22x36) and Ultimate Smoker Pit from Pitts and Spitts(24x36). One thing that I am not sure of is the size. I have never done a full pig and want to this summer. I am not sure if either is really big enough for it. If anyone has any advice and feels like sharing it on these or other comparable smokers that I should look at it would be appreciated.
  2. It takes a large size for whole pig! Perhaps look at 1/2! I know you probably should wrap it with chicken wire to help hold it together. I have a buddy that cooks a whole pig each year-it's never real good. Pours honey all over it and injects with orange juice and honey. It always burns on outside and never much added flavor inside. I know I didn't really help you on size...good luck! [​IMG] Late
  3. richtee

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    A pig cooker is probably a bit big for ya... I'd search Cowgirl's posts. She has set up a block cooker. All you'd need is a heavy duty grilling rack and some cement blocks. You could disassemble it later too.
  4. shooterrick

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    I have just got the lang mobile 48. It will hold 70lbs max. That means without the head a small pig such as those cooked in the deep south box cookers will fit but crowded. Either way it is a 70 lb cooker max. Great size for me but you have to be realistic that at 1/2 lb per person you are probably going to cook for no more than 50 people as 70 lbs is goiing to be tight. Just my thoughts after talking with ben lang.
  5. neens

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    New turn of events, since I am no longer footing the entire bill and the cost of the 24x36 I was looking at with shipping included was higher I order a Lang 60 this morning. Funny thing is I told about 3 of my friends, who I normally cook for just about every week during the summer and one of their fathers who owns a bar already asked me to do a few smokes for him this summer. Thanks for the input guys.
  6. bbq bubba

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    Congrat's.......you've made a good choice!! [​IMG]
  7. kookie

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    Congrat's on your new smoker......Can't wait to see the q-view from it.........
  8. fatback joe

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    Yeah, what Bubba said. Congrats and good choice.

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