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  1. Looking for a little help with this.

    I'm using a large stove top element for my burner. I have the controls for the burner that were on the stove. My power supply will be 220V. How do I hook up the supply to the controls? Anyone have a simple schematic I could follow? Are there any safety issues with not having the fuse panel that was in the stove.
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    SB, evening.... 220V household electric burner and controller... It does not need a common wire nor does it need a ground....  red to 1 leg, and black to the other....    That being said.... CAUTION.... the element and the controller knob must be installed in such a manner that it is electrically insulated from the surounding materials....  the surrounding materials must be GROUNDED in the event you screw up to keep you from getting electrocuted..... and it all should be hooked up to a ground fault circuit.....   Grounding the smoker case and controller case as one, and connecting same to the ground, and installing a GFCI in the panel as a 220V breaker will save you..... using a GFCI on 220V also requires a neutral to work properly....   


    Hire an electrician to do the work.... Your insurance will not pay if you burn the house down and have illegal wiring.... You should also get a permit to be legal....

    Or, get a 110V heating element and save the headache, hassle, etc.... much better way to go.... you can still use the oven controller to run the 110v heating element... Dave
  3. Thanks Dave,

    I tend to make things more difficult that they should be sometimes. I spoke with an electrician friend of mine and he explained how to do it.

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