Looking for a PIT controller

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by wdoss89, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. wdoss89

    wdoss89 Smoke Blower

    So today I am posting trying to look for any type of pit controller that anyone has for sale. You can PM me or reply to the post thanks a lot and HAPPY Smoking.
  2. Please be more specific on what you are needing. Type of fuel.... size of pit.... Id sell ya mine but im not sure I fit in a box or if I can be shipped. Also it may be considered prostitution
  3. wdoss89

    wdoss89 Smoke Blower

    Lol im not looking to get arrested over a controller. I use charcoal and wood. Im looking for something like a BBQ GURU DIGIQ DX2 or anything like that. Ive got a few smokers now and i want something universal to use on all.

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