Looking for a meat slicer. URGENTLY!!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob sicc, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. rob sicc

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    Hi Folks,

    I sell beer jerky at a local farmers market and the occasional festival. My current slicer is just about dead and I have my biggest event in 2 weeks. Can everyone recommend a reliable food slicer that isn't too expensive and can handle 50 300 lbs a month.
    Please let me know the model of your goto slicer. Suggestions on where to order from is also appreciated.
    I have to order this at latest tomorrow so please if you read this. Let me know as soon as you can and ask your friends to send their choice.

    Thanks on advance,

  2. daveomak

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  3. rob sicc

    rob sicc Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    That seems like it would be awesome but it's a bit high for me.  That would cost about all of my profits for a month and I on;y work 3-4 months.

    But you have me thinking very strongly about it.
  4. rexster314

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    Pretty high priced slicer. I got the 1612 manual slicer off craigslist for 150$ 2 years ago. Only problem is you might have to wait for one to come along. 

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