Looking for a killer bbq sauce recipe!

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  1. eritter452

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    Hey there im looking for a killer sweet and spicy bbq sauce recipe that willl pair well with ribs! All thoughts are appreciated!
  2. madman mike

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    Do you have access to crab apples?
  3. eritter452

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    i live in st louis... not sure how available they are
  4. madman mike

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    usually growing in peoples back yards. Most will give them away if you pick them.

    I find the later into the fall they can be picked the higher the sugar content. Best if they have been hit with a good frost. 

    Clean and remove the stem and blossom. 

    Put into large pot with 1-2" water in the bottom. bring to a simmer and cook uncovered for hours, even days depending on the size of the pot. 

    Cook it down into apple sauce. Strain to remove all particle, place back on the heat and cook until very very thick. Add sugar to taste, Chinese 5 spice to taste then can. When its done and cooled you should be able to spread it like butter, open bottle upside down will not spill or pour out. 

    I use this Crab apple butter as the base to my Apple butter BBQ sauce. Its amazing. 

    Any apple will work, but the tart flavor of the crab apples is the most favored I've found.
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