looking for a "hot" bbq sausage recipe.

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ribwizzard, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Some of my guys keep requesting that I make up some spicy sausage , simular to the Cavanaugh spicey sausage they get at Sams.

    Anybody have a recipe simular to that?
  2. chef willie

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    Yeah, I would get that a lot where I worked....'that's not hot' etc....I'm from Texas, we know heat.....yadi yada bladdy bladdy..... Try my Hot Link recipe and bump up the peppers as you see fit. It's pretty spicy as is....BUT, they want hot...give it to them. I would bump the red, black & cayenne by a tablespoon...Willie


    5 # PORK BUTT


    2 Tbl black pepper

    2 Tbl red pepper

    2 Tbl cayenne

    2 Tbl paprika

    3 Tbl kosher salt

    2 Tbl mustard seeds

    ¼ cup garlic, minced

    1 tsp tender quick

    1 tsp ground coriander

    Mix all spices with enough beer to make a slurry. Grind pork through coarse plate. Mix spice slurry well into coarse grind. Grind again through fine plate. Stuff in casing. I did 150 degrees for 1 hour to dry casings, no smoke. Bumped to 200 degrees using 3 rows of pecan dust in AMNS. Pulled at 160 IT.
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    I don't know how 2 link 2 it but if u look up italian face melter on here they look very spicy to me
  4. Thanks Chef Willie

    Looks good, I'll try this weekend!

    I also was wondering, has anyone ever just taken a pork butt and mixed in some rub and a little bbq sauce for sausage, I was thinking about trying that, but sometimes things that would seem to be good dont turn out all that well ,...you know?
  5. The red pepper=are you talking about crushed red peppers?
  6. bkleinsmid

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    Slap-Yo-Daddy "Hot" mixed with "butt" is very good. The recipe is on his site.

    CW.......I'm going to save that recipe.......it looks to be very good. I'm trying to get to making sausage and snack sticks next week....

  7. bkleinsmid

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    Hey CW.........I'm just looking over the ingredients to make sure I have everything on hand.

    A question for you......is that enough Tender Quick or should that say Cure #1  ?Just checking....

  8. bkleinsmid

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    CW.........checking to see if you saw my question about the cure's.........


  9. Chef Willie,

    Made a batch of these, turned out good!   The only thing I changed was I didnt have the tender quick so didnt add that, and I cut up three red chile peppers and tossed them in as well. I think a better name would be "butt blasters"
  10. billyj571

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    Sounds like a good recipe ,will try this weekend, I'm going to add some Habanero peppers for some extra heat .
  11. I didnt bumb up any of the spices, and only added the red chile peppers, ( three small peppers to  7lbs sausage) and they turned out fairly spicey.
  12. radio

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    If it still isn't spicy enough, you might try modifying a Chipotle BBQ sauce recipe to suit your taste.  I made this for some Carnitas and it numbed my taste buds, but I doubled the recipe, so used two Chilis in Adobo sauce.  I like spicy hot, but the two Chili's was just too much for me and I wound up adding all sorts of stuff to tone it down.  I would cut back a bit on the wine next time also or cook it down more than the 3 to 4 minutes the recipe calls for

    Chipotle sauce

    2 tbsp oil
    1 tbsp chili powder or one chili in adobo sauce then strain to remove seeds
    2 tsp garlic granules
    1/2 tsp cumin
    1/2 -2/3 cup dry red wine
    2 tbsp brown sugar2 tbsp soy sauce
    2 tsp worchestershire sauce

    1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
    1 cup ketchup

    Stir chili powder, cumin and garlic in oil over low heat

    add wine and brown sugar and simmer for 3-4 minutes

    add remaining ingredients and simmer 2-3 minutes

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