looking for a good all around flavor for mes

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by dwsmith43, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. dwsmith43

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    I have a mes. I have the a-maze-n tray. I tried some lowes pellets and didnt like it. Tasted like paper burning smells. So here is what I want to do. Make a order on Amazon shipping is free if I make a large enough order. Looked at a-maze-n site a while back and shipping was too much for small bag. Looking for a good all around flavor from amazon. I mostly do jerky and ribs.
  2. c farmer

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    I only buy from Todd at amazin. Great all wood pellets.
  3. daveomak

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    If you order from Todd, and put together a large order, when he has a special, it's a good deal.... I like Pitmaster's Choice for all around flavor.... some mesquite for that zing to beef steaks and shrimp.. and hickory for bacon.... I ordered 50#'s of mixed pellets a couple years ago on a free shipping deal.... still got about a year to go before reorder..... I use about 3 hours of smoke on most stuff and that is 1/4# of pellets soooooo, I get about 150-200 smokes out of that order..... Works out to less than 50 cents per smoke and if you smoke 10-20#'s at one time, that only adds a nickel per pound to the cost of the meat.... pretty cheap and he sell the best pellets in my book.....

  4. dwsmith43

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    The reason I was looking at amazon was shipping price. I could order small batches to find that happy flavor. Then go bulk. Wish he did sample kits from his site. Thanks for the input guys.

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