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  1. When I lived in Naples Fl. I came across a cut of beef that I cannot find here in MN. It might be called something else not sure.Nearest I could find out in FL. was that it was from the top of the rear hip. It is a cut from Uraguy or Argentina I beleave. loosly translated it was called (Pick-on -YA) I do not know how to spell it in spanish.

    Thank you and hope you can help

  2. It's Picanha or top sirloin cap.

    Make sure to ask for top sirloin cap and not just top sirloin.

  3. Thank you very much I thought that someone here would know. I used to cook it on my smoker and the market that I bought it at did not speak english very well but was a very good guy.

    Again thank You I thought I would need to make a road trip

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