Looking for a couple ham ideas

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  1. Gonna to do two hams tomorrow.  One is a spiral sliced the other is not.  Both are just your normal grocery store variety. I have a cupboard full of spices or will go grab some if I have to and a uncut pineapple.  Anyone want to throw a couple of different ideas out there.  I would like to have two distinct variations.  Thanks in advanced.
  2. We like ours rubbed with cherry rub and glazed with a 50/50 mix of pure maple syrup and honey mixed with a couple of tablespoons of Kentucky bourbon. I use cherry wood to smoke. Smoke @ 240 degrees and pull at 140 degrees. Foil and rest.   
  3. I am doing one right now,it's a spiral and I rubbed it with

    smoked paprika


    kosher salt

    brown sugar

    onion powder

    garlic powder

    mustard powder



    black pepper

    I can't tell you how much of each I just eyeball it. it  turns out real good. I use it on most pork (ribs,butts)also I smoke with hickory ,sometimes  will add apple or cherry wood for pork. will post pic's of the meal later.

    hope this gives you some ideas [​IMG]

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