looking at used meat slicers and need help

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    I'm looking at a couple of Berkel and Hobarts (also one USBerkel - is there a difference?) 10-12 inches for $300-500.  Anyone have any suggestions on what to look for?  I like the idea of having a built-in sharpener, but how often and how do you sharpen one that doesn't have a built-in?  Motor size?  Model to look for or models to avoid.  Any info on used slicers would be helpful.

    I would like to make a buy that will basically last me a long time with one outlay of cash.
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    Jax, morning..... The first thing I would do is, using the model number, check availability of parts...  If it's obsolete, I wouldn't buy it...  Any commercial slicer will last you 2 lifetimes once it has been gone through and worn parts replaced.... 

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