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    Is there a go to guide on this forum on smoking with a weber style kettle grill? I've been looking to get a charcoal grill lately and its hard to pass up seeing as how they are so cheap (especially on craigslist). I can grill up a steak no problem on them, and love the heat generation they are capable of but I'm having a bit of confusion in regards to how to smoke with one. I've heard some people swear by the the snake method or the minion method or just creating an indirect zone. So since you all haven't steered me wrong yet, is there a general accepted method when it comes to smoking on a weber grill/kettle. Also I would like to hear what everyone's go to charcoal brand is, im guessing it is lump? Thanks!

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    I smoke on a 22.5 kettle all the time. I bought a couple of charcoal baskets from HD for around $16 and put one of them on one side of my kettle and a aluminum pan for a drip pan for easy cleanup. I put foil inside the aluminum pan so at the end I just take foil off and the pan is spotless. A 18 x 13.5 inch pan fits perfect with two of the corners folded down and one charcoal basket. Make sure you have the hinged grate because I start my cook with the basket full and a chunk or two of flavor wood.

    I primarily use kingsford original (blue bag). It was on sale at HD for $9.88 for two twenty lb bags!

    Last week's smoke was three fatties and a quartered up six lb chicken. It took two and a half hours and my temp on the top of the cover held steady at 280 degrees the entire time; I'm guessing the grate temp was around 250 degrees.

    Two weeks ago I did a beer can chicken that turned out awesome! I did the same setup but took the top grate off and put the chicken, and it's holder, on the charcoal grate in a foil pan. I used a smaller foil pan for this one. I put the chicken as far away from the basket as i could with the breast and legs facing the basket. Again top of cover temp held steady at 280 and took about two and a half hours. I pulled when breast temp was 165, unfortunately the legs where slightly underdone; I tore off both legs and finished in oven for about 15 minutes.

    Three weeks ago I did 3 2 1 ribs that were excellent as well. I did refuel a couple of times with more charcoal and flavor wood.

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