Lonzino, Salami Sticks, and Salami

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    I decided to start few different things all at the same time.

    The Lonzino was using Lpoli Recipe and a nice pork loin,  I think next time I will find a local processor since the local meat market had the same stuff as Costco.

    The Salami Sticks and Salami were again using the Lpoli Recipe I just used 2 different thicknesses of casings.  23 and 33MM.

    My last batch of Salami sticks were great flavor but texture was a bit off so I picked up a 5# lem stuffer which corrected the texture issue.

    Here I cut and washed the lonzino getting it prepped for cure and seasoning.

    Once seasoned I placed them into Ziplock bags for 14 days flipping daily.

    Once the 14 days were up i decided to throw the rest of the meat in at the same time.

    so I washed the loin off and let it dry.

    I ground up some Elk and Pork to make the Salami.

    I then Stuffed the Lonzino into the beef bung caps and netting.

    Hung everything into the chamber for Fermenting 85-90 degrees and 80-90% humidity 

    After fermenting I already started to see the Color change in the Salami.

    I switched my chamber from Fermenting to drying and left for the weekend on a fishing trip.   Came back to a great smell and perfect look and weight loss.  my only issue was i may need to figure out how to get the top of the snack sticks and salami further apart as it is not drying as well where they are touching. Here i flipped them and you can see the start poking out since they are already stiff

    2 days later the Snack sticks were at the right level but i left them in over night sitting on top of the rack to dry out just a little over 40%

    This morning I pulled the Snack sticks

    and the curing chamber is looking empty now.

    I ate a ziplock bag of Salami Sticks for breakfast and shared with some co-workers. I really like them.   Hoping that the thicker sticks have the same flavor.     I think another week or 2 for the bigger sticks. and 3 weeks for the Lonzino I will update when they get closer.
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    Nice job!

    The sticks look delicious!

  3. joshwiss

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    Pulled the 33mm sticks off this morning  great taste and texture.  

    And my test subjects (Co-workers) all seem to agree that the flavor is good.  

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