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  1. Well, thanks for Sam3 for posting up pictures of his Lonzino, I got kicked in the A$$ and started mine that I'd been wanting to do. Picked up the loin yesterday and trimmed a very small bit of fat and then seasoned and zip locked. Using Len Poli's recipe which called for a 4lb loin which just happened to be the size of the loin that I'd picked up so it worked out perfect and no conversions of ingredients.

    Cure #2 and other spices mixed and rubbed in. 1st day of cure begins.
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    Best of luck with this. I'm wanting to do some of these myself where a curing chamber is required. So, interested in the progress of yours. Any pics of your setup? I've eaten plenty of moldy salamis & coppa but have this 'fear' of doing it myself....Willie
  3. Chef, I'll take some shots tonight to put here in the thread. It's basically a large wine fridge that I've removed all of the racks from. I'm using one of these as my humidity and temperature controller. I've rigged up what's called the "paint can heater" for the heating end and I'll switch plugs with the fridge plug when I need it to cool.

  4. It should be good.


    Happy smoken.

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    OK....thx. Good deal on the unit price wise. I gave my kid my fridge controller from my beer making days. Fridge plugs in and the unit overrides the fridge thermo so I can control the temp but I figure I need something to produce the proper humidity which I find somewhat baffling to my feeble mind. I know it's not rocket science but my fear is poisoning somebody with a freaky mold!! So, must study up on this but I'm easily sidetracked with sausages, summer sausage and other goodies......Willie
  6. The humidity piece of this type of endeavor is very important so a controller is almost needed in my opinion. I originally had an STC1000 rigged for heating and cooling on this fridge...also for brewing. I've got 12-15 days for the cure, so I'm going to pick up a small humidifier to plug into the controller. 

    To be honest, for me reading took a lot of the guess work out of this type of stuff. I learned what gadgets I needed and how they should be used. The next thing was really just following the processes set out in the recipe for whatever I was making. If you have the equipment and supplies needed, the rest is just following directions. It just take some $$$ to get that stuff together [​IMG]
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    Glad you're giving this a go!

    Are you going to stuff this into a bung casing after curing?
  8. Thanks. I'm going to just tight it up nice and tight and hang it in the curing chamber. I don't have any bung casings.
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  10. I'll be keeping a close eye on it for any bad molds that might cling on. It'll get a thorough wipe down with a vinegar/water solution if that happens and we'll keep on drying!

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