Long winter

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jburly, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. It has been a long snowy than usual winter in West Michigan. Finally dug out Weber out of the snow and did a Boston Butt. Need a taste summer. Though still only 20 degrees. The sun is out and Michigan beat Michigan State. I look at my deck I know it is under the snow and longingly wait for the day when I will be sitting on deck with a cold beer.  We could snow on ground till May.
  2. It's been a long cold snowy winter here in SE Wisconsin as well. I generally don't let winter stop me from smoking and grilling unless the wind is really whipping. I bought myself a Big Green Egg this winter and absolutely love it. I've used it numerous times in below zero weather with no problems. Heck, your beer doesn't even get warm in this weather! You just have to drink fast so it doesn't freeze!
  3. Yep, I live on a line about equal to north Detroit, in a north/south means.  We also have lots of snow, but I think it will be gone by late April.  But I have ground level Concrete deck, I keep my Smoker in the shed under a Masterbuilt cover.  But I do shovel my deck, a pathway to the shed and around the door, so if I get the smoking itch, I can get to my smoker and do what needs to be done.


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