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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by alamojoe, Sep 7, 2015.

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    Hey yall - I've been smoking meats for about 15 years.  In my smoking, as in all my cooking, I have always done a lot of improvising - never writing down recipes or cook times, etc.  This year, though, I've decided to start what I've been calling my "Signature Recipe Project"  - where, for dishes our family really likes, I'm writing down recipes, instructions, cook-times, etc.  I hope to gather a few dozen favorite recipes, make a few versions of them over the course of the year, and really nail down "the best" versions.  Some dishes I only make once a year so I have no idea why it's amazing one year and only "pretty good" the next.  This project will hopefully solve that problem!  

    Of course, some of those favorite meals involve the smoker so I figured I'd join up here so I could ask specific questions or get specific advise.  My favorite meat to smoke is lamb shoulder.  Another favorite is a stuffed and rolled boneless whole chicken.  My least favorite is brisket.  As a Texan, this causes me a lot of embarrassment - but I can't cook a brisket to save my life, lol.  I have tried, believe me.   After about 6 crappy briskets, I switched to chuck roast and never looked back . .but I might give it another shot with some inspiration from the forum - who knows?  

    At some point, I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favorite smoker meals - like my version of lamb shoulder or tamale stuffed chicken w/tex mex gravy.   The next time I make em, I'll be taking pics.  I typically make each of these dishes once a year - in the fall.  

    Anyway - thanks for having such a great forum.  I've been wandering in and out of here for years so it's nice to finally join up.  

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