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  1. Getting ready to start the build. Chamber is a 275 gallon fuel oil tank. fire box is 1/4" steel . Used the calculator and think I have a pretty good idea of what my measurements need to be. I just want to run it by some of you more seasoned people. Box will be 32" square. 4 intakes at 8"x3". Opening into chamber will be 24" half moon. The center at 12". Chimney will be 27" tall plus an extra 5.5" inside the chamber. Gonna go with the pan over the tuning plates. Just think I'll like that better. I have a few questions that hopefully someone can help me with. I'm thinking dual chimneys 4" in diameter instead of a single 8". The same volume for air flow will be there. I wouldn't think it would make a difference. Is that correct? Second question is about utilizing a pipe damper for the chimney. Good, bad what's your opinion? I do plan on using a top vent on firebox. From my readings on here most people really like that added feature for better temp control. Another question that I have pertains to the opening for the fb to cc. Should the hole be at the very bottom of the cc or should there be a lip. I plan on placing the doors on the side of the cooker. It will stand up as though it is in service. So the plan is for the fb to be at the side of the tank. With the drip pan sealing off that area I shouldn't have an issue with drippings traveling into the firebox but before I put a big hole on the side I wanted to know what others thought. Also how high should my drip pan be above the fb? I plan on having two rows of cooking surface. What is best for the spacing of these? Thanks in advance. And as soon as the build starts I will be posting pics often.
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  4. Thanks for the info. That would have came back to haunt me at the end. Much appreciated. Working a lot this past week. Haven't had time to lay anything out on the tank much less take and post any pics of the beginning stages. I will as soon as I get an Opportunity though.

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