Long time lurker just got another new smoker

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hondabbq, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. I have had my LBGE for about 2 years now and Iove it. Recently though I have been making a lot of bacon, summer sausage, sausages, kielbasa, meat sticks corned beef, MSM. I guess Im getting into the more charcuterie side of things. This is where the BGE is letting me down. I needed more volume to do cold smoking. This is what it was/is going to be used for. I have read that some non-charcoal smokers don't taste the same as charcoal smokers, That is yet to be seen. When I have been making bacon or the like I cant cold smoke/ smoke or even cook the volume Im preparing, and if it wont fit in at once it ties me down to the house for a full day running it in batches. Not that standing over a smoker all day is a bad thing, but im a busy guy you know!

    When I do make a run of something I seem to go through it faster than expected as my friends seem to jump on board and ask for some. This makes me happy that they like my products that I am producing better than the store bought versions. And yes I do get them to cover my costs so its not like they are getting it for free.

    In comes the Smoke Vault 24. After a lot of reading on pros and cons of various types smokers, I have settled on this version. I have yet to get it running as I live in the blustery Canuckistan, and I do most of my smoking in the warmer months, unless we get a warmer day.

    I already have an AMNPS, so that will help with the cold smoking. Im looking forward to sharing my cooks and pics with you all.
  2. Sounds like you are set up. When I smoke for friends I do it on the halves.

    Happy smoken.


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