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  1. Rick from Wisconsin here.  I joined this place back in 2009 when my brother introduced me to smoking.  I had a bullet that worked OK, but I could never get it to work like he can.  Since he lives in Barbados and only visits once a year, that's exactly how often the smoker was used - once a year when he was here...

    Fast forward to today.  My brother, sister-in-law, and his stepdaughter are coming next week for 12 days.  I wanted to contribute to the cooking duties, but quite frankly, I was never a fan of the seemingly constant tending of the bullet.  So, I "bit the bullet" and bought a SI #3 with the Auber PID.  I did a few mods to the machine, broke it in with 3 chunks of hickory and autotuned the Auber.  First smoke was yesterday - a 6+lb pork shoulder, brined for 15 hours and rubbed with mustard and a Penzey's rub mix.  The results were outstanding!



    Awesome smoke ring

    The aftermath

    Next up - some St. Louis cut ribs and a brisket.  Gotta run - time for me to learn about making sauces!

    Great to meet everyone - see you soon!

  2. Hello Rick, and welcome good to meet you too

    Gary S

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