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    Hello Again Everyone,

         I am still very new to the whole forum thing so please forgive me if this has already been discussed in a diff thread.  I would like to get everyone's opinion on how to get the smoke to last as long as possible.  I personally have not chosen whether to go with the wood chunks or the chips yet.  I tried chunks last time i attempted a brisket and they seemed to of lasted a bit longer  but the smoke still only lasts a bit under an hour.  I put them in a steel box with holes on the top and put the box right on top of my hot coals to create the smoke.  I hear some people toss the wood right on fire but i find that it burns away to quick and makes my fire too hot.  I always soak my chips/chunks in beer for about 18-24 hours. I use a Charcoal grill that is about the size of a large size gas grill; the name of it escapes me at the moment.  I have smoked 3 briskets in there so far and they have not been bad at all.  The latest one was quite good actually!  I am buying a Brickman "Smoke n' Grill" today during my lunch break to get the results i really want but i am afraid that i will find myself with the same problem... Thoughts anyone?  Any Tips or Tricks would help us "New Smokers" evolve.
  2. HI

     the best info i am finding is on google

     just put the type of smoker you have

     eg: chargriller smokin pro mods

     and lot come up

     try it let me know how it goes for your new grill[​IMG]

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