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  1. So I currently have an ET-732 and It doesn't work if my smoker is in the garage and I'm in the house. (40-50ft away). I'm VERY disappointed in the unit and would like to use a different brand.

    What I'm wondering is who else makes a good unit. Cost really doesn't matter. If at all possible I'd like to get one with a good range as well. If this means I have to step into an "app" unit that's fine.
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    If cost doesn't matter, get a Tappecue.  It is a 4 probe wifi thermo that you can monitor from your phone anywhere (in your home or across the globe).  Cost is $200.  I just got mine last week and am very impressed so far.  One cool function of the Tappecue is the ability to graph/chart your cooking sessions.  You can see what your chamber and meat temps were through the duration of the cook.  You do need wifi hooked up to the main unit for it to be viewable on your phone, but if you take it camping you can still see the temp of all probes on the main unit.
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    Hello thought I'd post before you throw in the towel on your 732. I received a 732 as a gift a while ago and was soon dissatisfied with the receiver always loosing signal. I tried new batteries,various placement of my smoker but to no avail no matter how close the transmitter and receiver were eventually the receiver would lose contact rendering it useless as a remote.totally frustrated with the performance it sat in a drawer for at least a year. One day I rembered as a kid wrapping rabbit ears on an old TV to improve reception, so I made a 10 inch extension out of hd tinfoil and slipped it over the receivers antenna and guess what.....it works flawlessly!it now receives signal through the walls of my house wherever I've set it. Hope this helps.
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  5. Just wanted to bump this. The Meater apparently only has a 33 foot range from what I'm reading on the website. Anything else with range? The Tappecue looks promising
  6. My two probe Maverick ET-7 has the same problem, but the receiver does not have an external antenna.  10 foot away is a constant problem.  Pretty fed up with it also.
  7. Yeah I'd prefer not to go back. I was having issues less than 30' away.
  8. The new Maverick 733 has good range. I was in the same boat with the 732. Bought a 733 when they went on sale and it's solved my issues.

    My old 732 wouldn't pair even when they sitting right next to the transmitter. Drove me nuts for a while.

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