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Discussion in 'Beef' started by skinnerc06, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Im doing a marinated london broil today that i tenderized quite thouroughlt with a jaccard (sp). Its 2.5 pounds and a little layer of fat on the bottom. Im going to try it in my new electric smoker which runs around 250 pretty constantly. Anyone have any idea about how much time this might take. Do I foil it at any point? and finally what temp do you think medium rare would be? Thanks alot.

    P.S. Dont tell me i should have made jerky out of it. I already did the other broil that way and though it turned out awesome, I'm eager for some smoke
  2. bbq bubba

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    Well, i took one to 180 before and it sucked so med rare for sure, smoke to 130 and tent and rest, should be pretty good eat's!! [​IMG]
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    I've never tried to do London Broil in the smoker. Let us know how it turns out. My version is as follows.

    Trim fat from flank steak and score both sides. Marinate in olive oil, red wine vinager with some garlic, basil, and rosemary added to it. Marinate overnight.

    Using your grill of choice, grill over high heat searing the outside on both sides and grill to a medium rare doneness. I use a charcoal Weber kettle over direct coals.

    Remove and let rest on cutting board for 10 miniutes. Slice thinly across the grain holding the knife on a 45o angle. Serve with sauteed mushroom or zip sauce.

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    I do them all the time I take them to 140 - 150 deg. slice for some awsome sammies.
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    You definitely don't want to overcook. If you pull and tent at Bubba's temp. It will still rise some in temp. while it rest. If you wanna to just a little longer thats fine also.
    You have gotten some good advice.
  6. So, at 240 for only about 2 hours, the broil hit 135. I took it out wrapped it and let it rest for about 30 minutes. It came out really well actually i was surprised. Cooked a lot faster than i thought it would. Next one i do will be at a lower temp. and i think this will give the fat a little more time to render out and tenderize the meat a little more I think. We'll see. Thanks for all the advice and tips.
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    Glad it worked out well for you skinner!!! London broil can be made from many different cuts of meat each with different amounts of fat (flank, round, chuck....). It sounds like you had a chuck for london broil?
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  9. bbq bubba

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    Hey Flash, stop calling me stupid!!............[​IMG] and STOP showing that damn pic of that steak at breakfast time!!!
    That is the nicest pic of a steak i have EVER seen!!![​IMG]
  10. flash

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    No dis-respect their bubba. [​IMG] I think Debi thought I was calling her stupid the first time I used that emoticon in one of her post. Furthest thing from the truth.
    Yeah, that pic came out pretty good. I might just do a Healthy Choice dinner tonight so I can bring the one in the freezer out and give it a go on the smoker this weekend. [​IMG]
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    Hey Flash...Is that a top round? Looks perfect!!
  12. flash

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    Fritz, yes it is.

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