London Broil tonight... with Q-View!!!

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  1. So.. I have read TOO much about how to properly smoke a London Broil, Top Round, .. HUNK O' BEEF.. what ever you want to call it.

    With that.. I decided to give it a shot...and a couple beers...

    First up... the star of the show.....What we have here... is about a 3lb London Broil I picked up at the butcher yesterday

    NEXT!!!....I smacked it a bunch of times with a new "tenderizor" I picked up from Wally because .. well.. I thought it looked kinda cool   

    coated it with a lil EVOO...and yes.. that butternut squash.. that too will be making its presence in the smoker as well.

    Then tossed a smattering of a rub that the butcher uses for his own smoking....that i used before.. and is AWESOME... of course he wont tell me what all is in it..I do know it isnt Jeffs Rub.

    Wrapped a plastic condom around it twice and let is "chill" in the fridge for a couple hours...

    Going to be firing up the smoker in a little bit... going to warm her up to about 225 or so.. toss in a few apple wood chunks.. mostly because I dont have anything else right now.. and am too lazy to go get some...throw some water in the water tray.. and then.. well.. you will have to wait for the rest.. because.. I am pretty awesome.. but I can not take pictures of something that has not happened yet....
  2. b-one

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    :110: that tenderizer looks evil!
  3. well... it certainly does...I have seen the other kind with rows of needles... i want to pick one of those up, I already have the mallet kind with the smooth and spiked faces... it works.. but it also seems to  only do the "surface" on thicker cuts and to get it to the inside.. you really have to mash the meat which .. mehh... I am sure most everyone here has seen the results of beating your meat too much.. sometimes doesn't end well.... but i noticed this one and was drawn to it and it spoke to me.. it said " buy NEED me"....
  4. Well... the time has come....

    Here is Sir London Broil.. all dressed up and rubbed down with a little body piercing...

    He has a double date with the twins... Butter and Nut Squash... they too are all dressed up and rubbed down with EVOO, paprika, sea salt, black pepper and some stuff i got from Wally called Tajin... not sure what it is... other than good.. we find it in the produce section at our Wally...

    Here he is getting into his transportation for the night....

    you can note that his dates are on the rack under him so they can collect his drippings...
    they have already been in for about an hour themselves to get a jump start on gettin all hot and squishy

    Ok.. time for another beer.. more on this story later!
  5. b-one

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    Are you planning to reverse sear?
  6. I am not sure as of yet... I may just take it off and rest it wrapped for an hour or so.. however.. i may very welll do wouldnt take but 4 more minutes before I rest it
  7. I like mine seared or reverse seared. Just remember to pull it a little early if you do reverse. I think it really seals in the juices.
  8. Smoked one up the other night over Kiawe and Cherry on the Mini-WSM. Marinated in Worchestishire for a few hours. Standard SPOG seasoning right before hitting the fire. Took it to an IT of 120, then seared it off on both sides. Let it rest for 30 minutes, sliced and served on grinders with some Smokey Au Jus. Tasty!
  9. I've never done a London broil.  I'm very interested in how this comes out.  It looks real good so far.
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    I'm Watching!   [​IMG]  
  11. So, how did it turn out?
  12. How was the finished smoke?
  13. Ok.. so to conclude this here lil romantic story....

    I did end up reverse searing it on the stove with some Avacado Oil

    A little more done than i wanted...

    And here it is plated... the Mushrooms and Onions were sauteed with Sea Salt, Pepper,  Avocado Oil,  and a splash of Worcestershire sauce... 

    Over all i am very happy with how it turned out.. .i think the over doneness was due to a flair up I had that spiked about 300* before I could get to the smoker. At that point i opened the door wide open to cool it off as quick as possible but it was at 300 for a couple minutes before I could get to it...I was tending to something in the "office". That was probably about 20 minutes before it was finished and the internal temp soared about 5 or 6 degrees in no time flat because of that. It was still very tender though and very tasty.. the neighbors gave me a thumbs up this morning...and they had it cold right out of the fridge... soooo I guess that means I done good.
  14. b-one

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    Looks great I may have to try one myself!
  15. I'll have to try one too.  How it compared to a tri tip?
  16. Ernestt I have not yet done a tri-tip... YET...Right now I am putting together for a gathering in 2 weeks... I am probably going to smoke something this week. Just have not decided exactly what.

    But most likely mid week of the 20th I will be doing a couple pork shoulders,  putting together a couple sauces.. of which I was at the grocery store last night.. seen a can of crushed pineapple and  my head told me to buy it and make it into a topping for the pulled pork.. which I am not exactly sure what i am going to do with it.. but something will be done. Most likely goign to be smokign the pork Wednesday or Thursday night of that week and then Saturday morning doing either a couple London Broils or  a nice brisket the night before... i just dont knwo yet...but there will be a Qview off all that
  17. My local market has London broil from time to time.  I'll pick one up and give it a try the next time I see one.
  18. mike5051

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    Nice job!  [​IMG]
  19. Looks pretty good. Dang though, that stuff is so good bloody red.

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