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    I final found time to make a lobster tail, I was pondering some shrimp and then Jeff email came about lobster tail and I knew  I had to try it! Great timing Jeff! especially since so many have already tried it, it was just a matter of decent weather and few free hours.

    I wanted to do one just for me before i get guests over.work out the process, even though Jeff has it all down, but i never cook a Lobster before. I deviated a little from Jeff's recipe just a little.

    I used a different butter recipe. i have a chili-lime butter sauce, my vision was running at 250. i couldn't find my deflector so i went for it anyway. the Kamodo is pretty decent over lump direct at the top rack.

    just fantastic! i even over cook it a little. I know red lobster isn't the best of anything but I took my mother-inlaw there in Nov. Unless it's a spur of the moment, no more red lobster!

    Thanks for looking and if you get a chance try some lobster!

    some recipes and pics:

    Vision Komodo grill.
    • top rack 
    • no deflector
    • 250 deg
    • RO lump
    • apple wood chinks (2 big ones) 
    • chili-lime butter sauce
    • 8oz frozen lobster tail.
    cooking notes. about 20 mins into cook, spread solidified butter on top of tail.

    before: letting butter solidify,tail skewered, grill getting up to temp.


    chili powder recipe
    • 1/4 cup ground Ancho chile
    • 2 TBS ground Cumin
    • 2 TBS paprika
    • 1 TBS garlic powder
    • 1 TBS salt
    • 1 TBS ground coriander
    • 1 TBS chipotle
    • 2 tsp cayenne
    • 2 tsp ground oregano (Mexican)
    • Chili - Lime Butter sauce
    • ½ cup (1 stick) butter, softened
    • 1 tablespoon honey
    • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
    • ½ teaspoon chili powder
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    Sure looks good...... Nice job......

  3. Lobster is so fun!!!! That must have been delicious!!! Happy wrap up of 2013!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

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