like a old boot!!

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    so ive tried smoking brisket 3 times now! i follow the golden rules of temp and time/lb but everytime it comes old looking and tasting like a old boot! Help!!!
  2. How about a little more information.  Type of smoker, smoker temp, what IT are you looking for? Doing an hour or so wrapped in a cooler after taking off?  Things like that. 

    Many people here will try to help you out, this is absolutely the best place for information and help, some real long term experts here..  We each have our own particular ways, but as a whole they are similar.  Many of us are constantly very fine tuning, but most of us are very consistent with great briskets...

    I smoke my briskets at 225 till I get 195+ IT in the thickest part, I am using a very low flow electric smoker that does not dry the outside much, so I do not foil until I put it in a cooler for at least an hour, two if I have time, before slicing.


    I was having a similar problem you are describing and found I was not smoking long enough to get the IT temp high enough for the meat to get tender, I thought I was drying it out, not so.  I also was not letting them rest long enough in a cooler after pulling them off the smoker.  These are two key items for brisket in my opinion..

    Yes, a little different cut of meat each time, but all of them are very close to perfection for our taste..

    With some information and practice, you can be consistent also.
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    801 DRIVER...Congrats!!!!! That is a most EXCELLENT ANSWER!!!! Detailed, welcoming, encouraging, and accurate. YOU are an example of what makes SMF a great place for Newbies to come for help. I would give you a Hundred Points if the system would let me. Keep up the good work and an OTBS nomination is in your future. Well Done...JJ[​IMG]
  4. I had not visited this post for a while and just saw your comment. 

    Thanks for the compliment Chief JimmyJ, I just tell it like I see it.  We all were newbies at one time struggling to make our smokes edible.  Now after tremendous input and postings of many people here and a lot of practice many of us are just fine tuning or trying something different.

    I think to many times some people including myself forget what it was like to be new and not quite sure how to do something or worse just plain frustrated.  To me helping as much as I can with my opinions (which may differ from others) is the very best way to help keep this site viable.

    I do not think any of us mind if someone "copies" our methods or recipes, we are happy to share, that is why we post here.

    Keep on smoking.
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    801, this s what the Forum is all about, help, guidance and a bit of friendly encouragement!

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