Lightly Sweet Honey Smoked Almonds

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    I posted this recipe in another thread on BBQ Smoked Almonds, but this Lightly Sweet Honey Smoked Almonds recipe has become our absolute favorite.  It is super easy.  Having the right prep gear does make the difference.  If I'm firing up the smoker chances are I'm smoking some almonds once the meat is done. 

    Gear needed:

    Half bakers sheet or rimmed cookie sheet.  Some of the coating will drip through the grill topper before throwing these on the smoker so a work area that keeps it all contained makes for quick and easy cleanup.

    Grill topper or Q-Matz.

    Spray oil. 

    One large bowl and saucepan.

    Lightly Sweet Honey Smoked Almonds

    Of the different almond recipes I've created so far, this is our absolutely favorite.  It is lightly sweet and the flavor of the lightly smoked almond is delicious.

    3 Tbs Honey Powder (or 3 Tbs Honey)
    1 Tbs Simple syrup (can skip this if using honey and just add 1 Tbs water)
    1 tsp Kosher salt
    16 oz raw almonds
    2 Tbs Raw sugar


    1. Preheat smoker to 285°F using a milder wood like apple, cherry, or oak.

    2. Soak the almonds in plain cold water for exactly 10 minutes.

    3. Mix all coating ingredients except the raw sugar in a large bowl.  It will make a kind of a paste.

    4. Drain the soaked almonds in a colander, then add to the bowl with the ingredients.  Stir repeatedly until the paste has completely coated the wet almonds.

    5. Place the nuts on an oiled grill topper then sprinkle with the raw sugar.  Use more if needed.  I just sprinkle from the bag.

    6. Smoke for 60 minutes.  Remove from the smoker to cool and harden thoroughly for about 2 hours.

    7. Flex the grill topper over a clean half bakers sheet to dislodge the almonds from the topper.  Break up the larger pieces that have stuck together.  Store in a jar or ziplock bag.

    Servings: 16

    2 lbs of almonds soaking in water (double recipe)

    Oiled grill topper.

    Magic Honey Dust.

    Ready to add the soaked and drained almonds.

    Forgot to take a picture of the almonds in the bowl after they've been stirred up and coated.  Got ahead of myself and emptied them on the topper before I remembered.  Ooops.  About to add the sugar.

    Coated almonds on grill topper sprinkled with sugar crystals.

    An hour later, smoked and cooling. 

  2. They look very tasty. It is hard to beat smoked nuts.

    Happy smoken.

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    The time and/or temp for this recipe is TOTALLY WRONG!  More like 225deg for 25-30min.

    I followed this recipe to the letter, and after 45min at 285, I pulled my charcoal-black almonds from the smoker!  Ruined $20 worth of almonds!
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    I've made these and several other sugary smoked nut recipes (285 temps) and they have turned out perfect.

    Are you sure that your pit temp is accurate?

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