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    Hey everyone. I just wanted to check and see if you bother with lighting INSIDE your smokers and what kind of temperatures bulbs can take. 

    My build is for a grill for tri-tip and is sort of a hybrid between the 125 gallon propane tank reverse flow smokers and an argentine grill. I will be trying to hold around 350 to 370 and as such figure I cannot use LEDs made out of plastic. Do you light from inside? If so, how?

    Im attaching a picture of build progress because that seems like the thing to do here. 

    -Just the Tip
  2. I guess a few grills have interior lighting, My grill and smoker do not, I think what most use are the attachable grill lights and just a regular old flood light.

  3. bmaddox

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    The light on my MES is mounted right outside the door and is aimed inside. I would be worried about mounting one inside as it would be hard to keep the lens clean. 
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    High temp wire and an Oven Bulb will get the job done...BUT...Total waste of time. Almost impossible to keep it clean and with all the moving meat around, broken glass waiting to happen. My MES has a light and I never used it. Spend the money on an external light...JJ
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    Yeah, you're right. Nobody wants shards of lightbulb in their tri-tip. I'll track down a simple shop light or something that can be out of the way.
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  8. Couple of the 10w LED's will light the area of a 10 x 10 canopy with ease.

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